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RtP's Week in Review (03/18/18)

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Write On Review-a-thon [50]

It's time for another installment of the Write On Review-a-thon. YAY!

A little about the Review-a-thon:
Brought to you by Reading the Paranormal and the #boutofbooks-ers facebook group. This monthly review-a-thon is a chance to get caught up on outstanding reviews. Bring your to-be-reviewed list, block out some time, write reviews. It's that simple.
This month's review-a-thon will run from Friday, March 23rd to Sunday, March 25th.

To find out more about the review-a-thon and tentative future dates, visit the Review-a-thon page.

As for me...
Reviews to be written:

Friday, March 16, 2018

Married to the Cyborg by Cara Bristol [Review]

 Married to the Cyborg by Cara Bristol
Married to the Cyborg (Cy-Ops #4.5) by Cara Bristol
Format: ebook
Source: free to newsletter subscribers
Date read: May 30, 2017

1. Stranded with the Cyborg
2. Mated with the Cyborg
3. Captured by the Cyborg
4. Trapped with the Cyborg
4.5. Married to the Cyborgnewsletter
5. Claimed by the Cyborg

Cara Bristol
Website | Twitter | Facebook | Amazon |

Synopsis (Goodreads):
Glitz. Glamour. Kidnapping.

Anyone who is anyone attends the annual Association of Planets gala, the largest, fanciest soiree in the galaxy.

Escorted by her husband Brock, Penelope “Pia” Aaron attends the event to mix and mingle with the galaxy’s power elite to further her career as an AOP ambassador.

Brock Mann isn’t there to serve as his wife’s plus-one.

A cyborg and a field agent with the covert force Cyber Operations, Brock knows the glitzy, glamorous evening isn’t going to end happily for one individual. An intercepted partial communique has revealed that one gala attendee will kidnapped. Who the intended victim is, why the person is being taken and by whom—that’s what Cy-Ops must find out to stop the abduction

And then Pia is taken.

Without knowing who or why she was targeted, Brock must race against the clock to find his wife before she’s killed.

Saving the girl and the galaxy just got personal.

Married to the Cyborg is an exclusive Cy-Ops Sci-fi Romance, available only to subscribers of Cara Bristol's author newsletter. To subscribe, visit the author's website:
Thoughts on Married to the Cyborg: Pia and Brock. The junior ambassador and the sexy cyborg. Err... sexy, protective cyborg. Not that he didn't have reason to be all protective and everything. He did. Pia tends to attract danger. Or people intent on exploiting her connections. One or the other.

Anyway. With Pia going missing, Brock has to leverage all his skill (and his patience--which is difficult when the love of his life is in danger) to get her back in one piece. Let's face it, getting her back would be a whole lot easier if they weren't dealing with betrayal and fanaticism. Either of those alone would be bad, together they're a recipe for disaster.

Highly enjoyable with all the sexy cyborg shenanigans I enjoy.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Her Empath by Mina Carter [Review]

 Her Empath by Mina Carter
Her Empath (Zodiac Cyborgs #0.5) by Mina Carter
Format: ebook
Source: purchased
Date read: May 29, 2017

Zodiac Cyborgs
0.5. Her EmpathKindle
1. Cyborg's Price
2. Cyborg Revealed

Mina Carter
Website | Twitter | Facebook | Amazon |

Synopsis (Goodreads):
Even a rogue can be brought to heel by love.

Lyssa Ryland is the rogue of the fleet. Feared and wanted by half the admiralty, no one can control the redheaded General. Half-human, half alien, her nature has made her tough and years of war have given her a backbone of steel. Commanding one of the most fearsome battleships in the fleet and friends with the largest mercenary clans in the galaxy, no one dare mess with her.

He must walk into the lion’s den...

JJ is the sacrificial lamb. One of the fleet’s Empaths, he’s been tasked with controlling Lyssa and bringing her back under the authority of the Fleet. Expecting a dried up, crabby nun of a woman, JJ takes the chance for a one night stand on the base the night before his new assignment…

Only to find out the unforgettable woman he spent the night with is none other than his new assignment. And this time, she’s not welcoming him with open arms… Between the pressure from the powers that be, a mission gone wrong and a homicidal cyborg, can JJ convince Lyssa that this time his seduction is genuine?
Thoughts on Her Empath: A feisty General who doesn't let anyone get the better of her and the Empath who's never met his match. They were SMOKIN' HOT together. Of course, JJ had to work hard to get past Lyssa's prickly shell. Wait. let me rephrase that. He had to work hard after she knew who he was. Because Lyssa was NOT thrilled to have someone reporting on her and she showed her displeasure by freezing JJ out.

But this empath isn't a quitter and a woman he can't read is worth the effort. So JJ puts himself where he needs to be and does what he needs to do. And Lyssa finds someone worth the effort, too.

While we had minimal cyborgs, I really dug how devoted Lyssa's crew was to her. A good General makes for a great crew. And Lyssa had a great crew.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Alien Mate by Cara Bristol [Review]

 Alien Mate by Cara Bristol
Alien Mate by Cara Bristol
Format: ebook
Source: purchased
Date read: May 29, 2017

Cara Bristol
Website | Twitter | Facebook | Amazon | Kindle |

Synopsis (Goodreads):
I'm Starr Elizabeth Connor. Earth's government falsely convicted me of a crime, packed me on a ship with other female felons, and sent us to Dakon, a primitive, frozen wasteland of a planet. Why? Earth needs minerals, and Dakon is desperate for females.

But I'm no barbarian’s 'mail order bride,' even if he is super tall, muscular, and the chief of his tribe. He doesn’t want a BBW blonde, either--it's written all over his chiseled face. He'll be truly angry if he ever learns what my 'crime' was.

I am Torg. I have waited 34 rotations for a mate of my own. With this shipment, I was sure to get a fine, sturdy mate who'll bear me many daughters. Instead, I receive a small, curvy, pale-haired female who looks at me with anger and fear.

It is only when we 'kiss' that I believe things may work out between us. But I'm hearing rumors that Starr and her shipmates are law-breakers. To survive, Dakonians must obey all laws … or be exiled into the frozen wasteland. Just when I have found her, will I have to send my mate to die?
Thoughts on Alien Mate: I do enjoy a good "mostly unwilling female shipped to the far end of space to be a hunky alien's bride" story. Seriously. There should be more of these. I'd read them all so hard they'd need a cigarette after.

*ahem* Right.

So. This book gives up Starr and Torg. Starr is pretty much the complete opposite of what Torg expects to get when the ship of ladies lands. But he falls for her all the same. Which is good because hello, frozen wasteland of a planet. The downside of all this is that not everyone is thrilled to be welcoming a bunch of alien women to their cozy caves.

Considering all the women sent were convicted of crimes, this makes for some tension. Especially for Starr, whose crime was murder, which, as Guardians of the Galaxy taught me, is pretty much the worst crime there is.

Needless to say, things do not go as smoothly as they could have. But there are plenty of sexy times between our H/h and...actually, I don't even need to add to that. Sexy times make everything better. For real.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Baking Lessons by Katie Allen [Review]

 Baking Lessons by Katie Allen
Baking Lessons (Off Guard #2) by Katie Allen
Format: ebook
Source: provided through NetGalley
Date read: January 7, 2018

Off Guard
1. Acting Lessons
2. Baking LessonsKindle
3. Marriage Lessons

Katie Allen (aka Katie Ruggle)
Website | Twitter | Facebook | Amazon |

Synopsis (Goodreads):
A free-spirited baker becomes the best kind of mess in her uptight landlord’s perfectly ordered life in this next installment of the Off Guard series by Katie Ruggle writing as Katie Allen

Leah loves everything about her bakery—the heavenly smells, the satisfaction of feeding people and, of course, unlimited cookies. The only thing she doesn’t like is her uptight landlord’s daily visits. Sure, the man’s drop-dead gorgeous, but for someone with an insatiable taste for treats, he’s anything but sweet.

Army vet Hamilton knows he comes off as rigid. He just can’t seem to bite his tongue around Leah—he might be a virgin but he can imagine a dozen better ways to use his mouth. But when the woman he considers absolutely delicious is threatened by an unwanted admirer, Hamilton intervenes, captivating Leah with his softer side.

Now the man Leah couldn’t avoid is swiftly becoming the one she can’t resist. Unrelenting temptation soon overwhelms them both, leading to an indulgence in everything they’ve been craving. But when past actions bring a fallout neither imagined, they’ll be forced to confront whether their affair is half-baked—or something to savor forever.
Thoughts on Baking Lessons: Oh my goodness. Ham and Leah. I wasn't sure if they could top Jamie and Topher, but they were GREAT. Honestly, they might not have topped Jamie and Topher (because I REALLY liked those two), but they held their own.

Ham is uptight and a little appalled by baker Leah's messiness in her bakery kitchen, but utterly adorable all the same. He's also unable to stay away from Leah's baking. Which is a good thing for her because having someone like Ham on her side makes a difference when things go south.

For her part, Leah's inability to let someone walk away without plying them with baked goods (especially when they love her stuffed cupcakes as much as Ham does) puts Ham and Leah on a collision path of sexiness. Once she starts to see him as more than her super hot, rather uptight landlord, she grows to like the socially awkward, often clueless man.

Seriously, these two were adorable together. Ham likes Leah's baking (and the uncompromising rigidness of what she has to do to make her baking creations come to life) and Leah teaches Ham to unwind a little and get a little sloppy. THEY ARE GLITTERY HEARTS AND SWEET THINGS AND YESSSSSS. (although I don't think Ham would appreciate the application of glitter anywhere around his person. LOL)

I'm seriously smitten with both books so far in this series and I can't WAIT to see what book 3 brings.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Treyjon by Ruby Lionsdrake [Review]

 Treyjon by Ruby Lionsdrake
Treyjon (Star Guardians #2) by Ruby Lionsdrake
Format: ebook
Source: provided by the author for an honest review
Date read: June 11, 2017

Star Guardians
1. Orion
2. TreyjonKindle
3. Sagitta
4. Hierax
5. Zakota

Ruby Lionsdrake
Website | Amazon |

Synopsis (Goodreads):
Angela left her parents’ lavender farm with dreams of becoming a professional dog trainer. Getting kidnapped by slavers from outer space was not part of the plan.

Fortunately, Angela and a few dozen other women were rescued by Star Guardians. She isn’t quite sure how she's going to get back to Earth, but these Star Guardians aren’t looking too shabby, especially a hunky one named Treyjon. He trains svenkars, four-hundred-pound predators that make pit bulls look like squeak toys. Angela is curious about the animals--and about him. The problem? He doesn’t seem to know she exists.

For Treyjon, the women staying as guests aboard the Star Guardian ship are off limits. The captain has made that clear, so he hasn’t allowed himself to admire their feminine assets. But when one of them shows an interest in the powerful predators he trains, animals that scare most women out of the room, he’s intrigued. When she proves a knack for working with one of the creatures, he’s more than intrigued. He starts wondering how he’s ever going to let her go home.
Thoughts on Treyjon: The tracker and the free spirit. Yes! I liked Treyjon in book 1 and I'm happy to see him getting to spend some quality time with one of the abductees. Given that the captain had warned his crew not to get involved with the women (something *some* of them don't listen to very well), it takes a while for Treyjon to show his interest. Even though he felt it. You gotta love a lady who isn't afraid of dangerous animals.

Angela's appreciation for his "pups" isn't just for show, either. She's genuinely curious about them and definitely develops a bond with one of them. And when she and Treyjon get stuck in some tight quarters, they start to develop a bond of their own. (Have I ever mentioned how much I love a good "stuck in a tight spot" scenario? Because I do. I really love them.)

Things are taking a turn for the women stolen from earth. Not only is their future looking uncertain as far as whether they'll be allowed to return home, now a new, dastardly plot is uncovered. I'm not sure how things are going to turn out, but I'm all in to find out.